Value Tray Beef

Value Tray Beef


Using quality Grass-Fed Australian beef, its delectable taste is usually a hit with the picky eaters.


Each Tray: 600g (Approximately 100g x 6)


Unit Price: $16/kg


No Customisation

70% Meat, 30% Fresh Produce

Beef Chuck

Beef Liver

Beef Spleen

Beef Lungs

Beef Heart

Whole Eggs

Bok Choy



French Beans


Sweet Potato

Goji Berries

Ground Eggshell

Organic Kelp

Organic Alfalfa Leaf

Organic Rosehips

Organic Turmeric + Black Pepper

Organic Psyllium Husk

Organic Milk Thistle Extract

MSM & Glucosamine


(May Contain Chunks)