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Protein is the key element in a dog’s diet because it is needed for growth, development and a healthy immune system. High quality proteins obtained from animal origins such as meat, eggs and dairy allow dogs to digest them more efficiently and it provides essential amino acids in the right proportion suitable for tissue protein synthesis. Low quality proteins from grains lack certain crucial amino acids and are also low in digestibility.

Our food uses only Wholesome cuts of antibiotic and hormone free proteins from human-grade suppliers. Owners can be assured that their dogs are getting the best!


Fats in the diet provide the most concentrated source of energy. They also supply fatty acids which are crucial building blocks for important substances and essential to maintain healthy cells. Along with protein, fats contribute to a diet’s palatability, plus aid absorption of the fat soluble vitamins A, E, D and K.

Contains essential fatty acids (EFAs) such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. These fatty acids play an important part in tissues and organs function. E.g. Reproduction, healthy skin and coat.

Omega 6 

A deficiency can result in dry flaky skin and a dull, brittle coat which will lead to hair breakage and loss. Sufficient amounts can also help to alleviate skin allergies.

Omega 3

It has been proven to reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis and conditions of the bowel such as ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Research also indicates Omega 3 fats help to prevent heart problems as well as decrease triglyceride and blood cholesterol levels. 

  • Encourage production of compounds to help regulate inflammation, immune system response and blood clotting activity

  • Aid in preventing or alleviating autoimmune disorders, allergies and some skin conditions. 


Fresh, wholesome food provides dogs (as well as owners) with the best source of vitamins, organic substances required for normal functioning of the body. They are important in the conversion of calories to energy.

Minerals are inorganic nutrients that make up less than 1 percent of a dog’s body weight and are necessary for growth and maintaining strong bones/teeth. They are classified as either macro-minerals or micro-minerals (trace minerals) all of which serves important functions. Balance is critical when it comes to minerals as too much of one can interfere with the absorption of another.

* It is crucial to note that 2 of the macro-minerals, calcium (the most abundant mineral in the body) and phosphorus must be in balance and given in correct proportions.  The ideal calcium:phosphorus ratio is between 1:1 and 2:1


Organic Rosehips
A natural plant-based anti-inflammatory supplement which is rich in vitamin A, B, C, essential fatty acids and antioxidants such as lycopene. Significant benefits include a stronger immune system, delayed onset of arthritic
changes or slowing down of any existing cartilage degeneration.

Organic Golden Paste
Organic Turmeric itself is packed with curcumin but when paired with peperine (Found in black pepper), it can increase absorption by up to 2000%. The list of its therapeutic and clinical uses are extensive with it having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anticancer qualities. It is effective for diseases likearthritis, diabetes, cancer, liver disease, gastrointestinal issues, etc.

Organic Milk Thistle Extract 

Milk Thistle is one of the rare traditional herbs widely accepted by science to have significant medicinal value. Its extract is called Silymarin and is used to detox the liver. It protects the liver against toxins and stimulates the growth of new liver cells to replace damaged or dead ones. With strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, it is extremely helpful for dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Organic Slippery Elm

Extracted from the inner bark, Slippery Elm softly coats irritated, inflamed or damaged tissues and lubricates the membranes lining the digestive track. It is excellent for inflammatory problems, normalises intestinal action and
alleviate symptoms from dogs suffering from kidney issues.

MSM & Glucosamine
MSM is a dietary supplement with organic sulfur containing compounds famous for its joint health benefits. Organic, biologically active sulphur is crucial to every living organism. MSM is a natural analgesic which blocks the transfer of pain impulses through nerve fibres. Other benefits include being a strong antioxidant which is capable of detoxification and improving cellular uptake of nutrients in the body. MSM also alleviates symptoms of food and environmental allergies with its ability to bind to the muscosa, naturally blocking hosts and allergens.
As your dog ages, its body produces less glucosamine which results in stiff joints with degrading cartilage. Glucosamine works with MSM to maintain the cartilage in the joints, improving mobility and slowing down the aging process of the joints. Glucosamine also helps with gut health by creating connective tissue and repairing mucous membranes that form the barrier of the gastrointestinal system, reducing inflammation  
and improving digestive track health.


*All Supplements are added based on maintenance stage*

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