Frequently Asked Questions


When stored and kept frozen below -18 degrees, the food can last for up to 1 year. We recommend using the food within 6 months for optimal quality. Once defrosted, use food within 3 days.

Defrost the required amount of food the day before by shifting the food into the fridge from the freezer. For the Value Trays, you may cut and defrost the amount needed.
If you forget to defrost the day before, you can soak the sealed pack or tray in a big bowl of water to defrost the food safely and quickly. Alternatively, you can use the defrost function on your microwave.

We strongly discourage leaving the food out at room temperature for extended periods of time especially to defrost as it will lead to rapid bacteria build up on the surface.


For maximum convenience, you can feed the defrosted food cold from the fridge. Only Cooked diets can be warmed up before feeding. Raw diets from the BARF or Prey Model range should be fed raw.

If you would like to warm up the food, we strongly recommend reheating the food till it is barely warm to the touch only and not piping hot to support nutrient retention.

Dog’s Weight(kg) X Feeding Percentage(%) = Daily Feed(kg)
Eg. 5kg x 3.5% = 0.175kg or 175g/Day

*Our feeding guidelines are calculated based on your dog’s current weight.

Please note that this is only a recommendation. Other factors such as metabolism, treats routine, age and activeness can affect consumption. It is best to observe and adjust the amount as required.

Head over to Feeding Guidelines to find out on which feeding percentage would be most suitable.


Head over to Our Food Preparations page to learn how our food ends up in your hands. To learn more about nutrition and why we use what we use, check out our Nutrition page.

Food needs to be preserved in order to last for a reasonable amount of time. Commercial forms of preservation include canning, dehydrating, processing or adding preservatives which greatly reduces the nutritional value of the food.

At GoodWoof, we use blast freezers which is the best way to make food last without processing it. Flash-frozen meals retain the nutritional content in our diets while making it safe for delivery. Rest assured that frozen food does not take away the health benefits of feeding fresh.

For unknown allergies, it can be more complicated as allergies can be environmental based or food based. For environmental allergies, it is tougher to pinpoint and address them as it includes dust and pollen in the air, grasses etc. For food allergies, it can not only stem from meat like chicken, lamb or seafood but also from any single vegetable or supplement in the food.

One way is to have an allergy test done at the vet and with the results, it will be a good starting point. However these tests are not 100% accurate therefore it has to be followed up with a food trial in order to confirm the results.

Alternatively, based on what you have fed before and think is the safest, we can formulate a limited custom diet based on the ingredients. You may reach out to us via WhatsApp or email for a consultation.

Check out the My First Time page to have a better understanding on the range of diets we provide and decide on which diet might work best for your furry pal.


For ranges: Premium Cooked, BARF, Prey Model or Kidney Support
We believe in giving your dog the freshest food. As a result, we collect orders placed in a given week by Sunday midnight for delivery on the coming Friday onwards. We have delivery slots available every day except Sundays.

For orders received after Sunday, delivery will be scheduled for the following week on your selected day & time. Check and select the next available delivery slot at checkout.

For ranges: Value Trays, Treats or Chews
Next working day delivery is available. Select delivery slot at checkout.

If you have missed the cut off, we will recommend getting some Value Trays first. The Value Trays contain the same ingredients as the Premium Cooked range therefore it should be suitable. The only key difference is the meat content as the value tray range contains 70% meat content instead of 80% in the premium cooked.

Kindly provide at least 24 hours notice via email/whatsapp before your delivery day if you would like to reschedule or have a change of address. If you miss a delivery as a result of a wrong address given to us by you or because nobody was home to receive, a re-delivery fee of $10 will be incurred. Our delivery team will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes before moving off.

If there is no response from anybody at the given address, the delivery agent will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes before leaving the box outside your location if possible and inform you via whatsapp or other means. The food will remain at a safe temperature till the end of the delivery slot at room temperature with the box unopened.

We will not be liable for any damages, loss, or harm as a result from the action of leaving the order at your doorstep. No refunds will be provided due to the customisation and perishability of the food.

Yes we usually do! Rest assured that your order will be delivered on Public Holidays if you have selected it during checkout.

Due to disruptions to the supply and logistic flow during the Chinese New Year, our production kitchen may cease operations for the week. Deliveries will still proceed as per usual during the closure week on your selected day and time.

Do not worry, your pawfect friend will not go hungry as you are able to place your order a week earlier before the disruption.

We do recommend following us on our socials to be kept in the loop on our updates, pop-ups and events!

Monday – Friday
6pm to 10pm

9am to 1pm

*Applicable to all products


Our diets are freshly prepared to order therefore we are unable to cancel your order once it has been prepared. Reach out to us via Whatsapp/Email and we will check on the preparation status. If you would like to proceed with the cancellation, a 50% refund will be made and the food will be donated to our local shelters together with our monthly donations.