My Dog Is A…

Don’t know how much to feed your dog? Refer to our handy guideline to get a better gauge. Please note that these are recommendations and the ideal daily feed can be affected by factors such as metabolism, age and activeness. It is best to observe your dog and adjust their diet as required.

  • Puppy

    Under the age of 1, I consume 3%-8% of my body weight.

  • Miniature Breed (≤5kg)

    I consume 3.5%-4.5% of my body weight.

  • Small Breed (5kg -9kg)

    I consume 3%-3.5% of my body weight.

  • Medium Breed (10kg - 25kg)

    I consume 2.5%-3% of my body weight.

  • Large Breed (26kg≥)

    I consume 2%-2.5% of my body weight

How Much To Feed?

  • Dog's Weight
  • Feeding Percentage
  • Daily Feed (kg)

For example: 5kg x 3% = 0.150kg (150g of fresh food per day)

Important Note!

Our feeding guidelines are calculated based on your dog’s ideal weight. For example if your dog is overweight at 27kg and ideal weight is 25kg, use 25kg.

Please note that this is only a recommendation. Other factors such as metabolism, age and activeness can affect consumption. It is best to observe and adjust the amount as required.

Need Help?

Contact us via WhatsApp, Email or through our Hotline with the following details and we will provide a daily feed recommendation for your little one.

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