How much should I feed?

First time customers can refer to our feeding guidelines for an estimate on how much to order. The feed amount can be adjusted after observation if required. If you are not sure, do contact us!

What should I feed my dog? Can I change my order after it has been paid?

We advise customers to purchase a diet with meat/ seafood protein(s) that their dog(s) is known to be able to eat so as to avoid allergic reactions. Customers with dog(s) with zero allergies, feel free to choose any meat/seafood mix!

Once orders are paid and confirmed, it cannot be changed. 

What is the kidney diet?

Our low phosphorous kidney diet uses a combination of high quality protein sources and a specific variety of fresh produce to reduce the strain on the kidneys. We also include ingredients such as seafood to boost the Omega 3 content which will help to protect the kidneys and add the right amount of natural calcium.


The calcium binds to phosphorous in a specific ratio, reducing the impact of it. Lastly, we vary our cooking methods to leach out excess phosphorous from the food!

My dog has specific allergies/ medical conditions. Do you offer custom orders?

Vet prescribed diets/ ingredients will be handled by a case by case basis. We will inform you if the ingredient can be sourced by us or if the recipe is suitable. 

If it is a medical condition, please contact us to discuss what options are available. 

*Kindly note that extra charges may still apply

Can I have a sample before making my purchase?

Contact us to have free samples delivered to you. For custom orders kindly contact us to see if we can offer you samples. Do note that delivery charges apply.

How long will the food be able to last for?

Our products are able to last up to 6 months in the freezer but we recommend not keeping it for more than 3 months to ensure optimum quality.


In the fridge, please consume the food within 5 days after defrosting.

How is the food packaged?

Our food is portioned into aseptic vacuum packs with a nylon outer coating which acts as an absolute gas barrier. Bags are microwaveable.


The packaged food is immediately blast frozen to lock in all the nutrients.

When will I receive my order?

We believe in giving you the freshest food for your dogs. Hence, our diets are prepared after payment confirmation and will require a lead time of 3-7 working days. A delivery confirmation email will be sent to you after your purchase.

Cut off for weekly orders will be every Sunday 11.59pm. If you order by Sunday, the food will be delivered in the same week on your selected day & time. 


For orders that are received after Sunday 11.59pm, delivery will be scheduled for the following week on your selected day & time.

Complimentary Delivery for orders above $70

Mondays to Saturdays: 10am - 7pm

Sundays and PH: Closed


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