Our Story

Our fresh food journey began with Tofu – our adopted puppy who was diagnosed with end-stage tick fever that was two weeks away from taking her life. The search to find a cure began immediately and the final medication on our list worked. Taking the miracle medicine 5 times a day with freshly prepared iron-rich meals, Tofu powered through to a full recovery.

After experiencing the benefits first-hand, we began our commitment to bring truly affordable and convenient fresh food for dogs in Singapore. By making feeding fresh more accessible, the demand for it grew and so did GoodWoof to become your dog’s personal chef.

Since 2016, we have been providing customised meal plans for dogs of every life stage, medical condition, size and dietary requirement. Get your dog bowl ready and we will take care of the rest!

The GoodWoof Difference

Our Food Preparation

GoodWoof Gives Back

We’re on a mission to share the gift of fresh food with as many dogs as possible. Our furry friends in shelters may not have the luxury of eating a fully fresh diet but we strive to give them a taste of nourishing fresh meals once in a while. In 2017, we began giving back to lesser-known animal shelters like Mdm Wong’s Shelter and Friends and BFF Rescue Dogs with a monthly donation averaging 100kg of GoodWoof diets per month.

Every purchase of a GoodWoof meal empowers us to make a pawsitive impact on the less fortunate furry pals out there.