The GoodWoof Difference

We love our dogs as much as you love yours, so we make sure our diets are crafted by nutritionists to be complete and balanced for all life stages. The benefits of GoodWoof diets have been scientifically validated through research. We’re happy to share the results of the studies in detail in our White Paper analysis.

Beyond being AVS-licensed, our meals are Grain-Free and contain 100% human grade ingredients imported from sources such as Australia, New Zealand, USA and Malaysia. We do not add preservatives, fillers, or artificial flavours in our diets and offer fully customisable plans to accommodate any medical condition, dietary requirement and life stage.

Scientifically Validated with Trials & White Paper Analysis
Increased life span
Gently cooked to perfection
Competitively Priced
Improved Immune, Gut & Skin Health
Approved by Picky Eaters

Value Tray

Affordable & Complete meals with lower meat content and more fiber. Senior-friendly!

Toss the processed kibble aside for our Value Trays. We made sure our Value Trays have the lowest unit prices for fresh food in Singapore. The best bang for your buck with convenient feeding for all sizes while never compromising on our human-grade promise to you!

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Our Ordering Process

Your order may take up to 9 working days (mon-fri) to arrive. Order before Sunday 11.59pm to receive it as early as the upcoming Friday. We have delivery slots available every day except Sundays.

*Only Value Tray range can be delivered the next working day

  • Orders before Sunday, 11:59pm

    You may select your preferred delivery slot in the same week on your selected day & time.

  • Orders after Sunday, 11:59pm

    You may select your preferred delivery slot for the following week on your selected day & time.

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